Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Air is in!

well after a bit of waiting, its finally in! Were working out the kinks on the premier dates as you read this. available for 15 dollars directly or in stores.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top 5's with Pete Harvieux



1. Trollhaugen
2. Grand Harafu, Niseko, JPN
3. Fernie
4. Spirit Mountain
5. Beartooth Pass


1. Foals
2. Cut Copy
3. Band of Horses
4. Wolf Parade
5. Ghostland Observatory

Things to do when not snowboarding

1. Kick it with the wifey
2. Skateboard
3. Kick it by the pool
4. BBQ and hang out with the homies
5. Go to shows

Wack Trends

1. Ski companies
2. Reverse camber
3. Boardshorts brands
4. Snowboard companies making ski's
5. Shoe brand boards


1. Almost Famous
2. Thrashin'
3. Lost in Translation
4. Shindler's List
5. Legends of the Fall

Breakfast Foods

1. Nanas & Cheerios
2. Any fuckin' ham & cheese omelet with hash browns with cheese and white toast
3. Any fast food bagel type shit
4. Bagel shop morning sandwiches
5. Bacon.

Favorite riders of all time

1. Roan Rodgers
2. Jamie Lynn
3. Wolfe
4. Mike Casanova
5. Brian Iguchi

Stoked on

1. The Midwest
2. Corduroy magazine
3. Autumnline/Tree Project
4. Fresh Air
5. All Smiles
(6. Bald-E-Gal)

Reasons to live in the midwest

1. Midwest is best
2. Variety
3. Originality
4. Morality
5. Creativity

Tapes N Tapes!!!!

gathered up all my tapes just to get a feel for how many we went through this year...

Plus my new external Hard drive...(saved my internal's 320gig life) woo a whole additional terabyte to fill now! get ready HD here we come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

hard copies on their way!


gettin' nerdy.


thanks nelson!

Friday, August 15, 2008


and there we go! off to the replicator

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Giving Back.....

We made a deal with the father of this Christian school nearby that if we re-painted his rails later in the year, we could keep up with our session. Here's to holding up our end of the bargain


Colin getting down to business


Finished product. HYPED!

(ending note. Jackson even came out of his 3 day online gambling binge to help paint. he even brought his saggy manboobs and beergut)